9 Great Techniques For Feeding In DOTA 2

In Dota 2 by Mohammad Habibi .

So you're playing Dota 2 normally and not doing so well. Suddenly one of your "teammates" calls you a noob and reports you for "feeding" even though you were doing your best in the game. We have all encountered this situation in this God forsaken game. Even though you may have the most assists, as long as your kill death ratio is low, some jerk is bound to blame everything on you. Feed, noob, and report are the most used words in the Dota 2 community that no one knows the meaning of.

To effectively feed, you must have a few items. Until you gather enough gold, it might be wiser to farm so your unsuspecting teammates don't suspect a thing. Once you have enough gold, sell everything else in your inventory and let the feed begin.

1. Force staff

With the correct positioning, you can force staff someone into unreachable terrain. Then make the courier suicide so they can't get any TP scrolls or items to get out with. I once did this to an Alchemist and he got so upset he abandoned the game and got put in low priority. Make sure your target has no way of getting out, such as a blink dagger. Heroes this is ineffective against include: Queen of Pain, Anti-Mage, Spirit Breaker, Magnus, etc. You can also force your teammates right into a tower or into a group of enemies.

2. Observer's ward, TP scrolls, Sentry wards

There is one very important aspect to these items, namely they can be used by ANYONE once dropped. This means that you can buy out all the observer wards (so your team can't buy any, hahaha) and then drop them for the enemy.

3. Gem of True Sight

This item drops upon death. If your team is full of invisible heroes, you might want to get one of these, and then suicide to give the enemy team a free gift. Your unsuspecting invisible teammates won't know what hit them. While the enemy team gem carrier may die, this won't hurt their team if they don't have any invisible heroes. Your team has to either drop the gem somewhere or waste a slot carrying it (a complete waste if the enemy team has no invisible heroes). Even if they decide to carry it, you can just buy another one when it restocks.

4. Divine Rapier

Similarly to gem, you can buy this and suicide to give the enemy a free rapier. Though this may end up backfiring if the enemy holder dies. Look at the enemy's death rate for a good judge of whether they're going to lose the rapier.

5. Make the courier suicide

This is most effective with a flying courier, but if you click on the courier, you can control it. By doing this, you can move it under the enemy's tower. But remember, your teammates can also control the courier, so you may end up playing a tug of war with them, but don't give up on the tug of war because they can't do anything else if they're resisting you. You can also move it to a neutral camp if the enemy towers are too far away and your teammates are resisting your attempt in moving the courier.

6. Multiple couriers

I don't recommend doing this if you have someone trapped in unreachable terrain as it would be easier for them to get a TP scroll. The first kill should give the entire enemy team 175 gold. After that, each courier nets 175 gold for the killer. By buying multiple couriers, you can feed someone very fast and effectively.

7. Suicide strategically

A good team will start trying to deny your death when they see you suiciding, so you need to shake off those teammates, best done using a blink dagger. It's important to remember not to dive in during team fights, because when the enemy knows you're feeding, they will focus on you. This will cause them to focus on you during team fights (and possibly lose the team fight) when they should be focusing on the rest of your team. It is hard to choose who to feed to if you don't have vision, but try to feed a Pudge or Silencer since they gain bonus strength or intelligence respectively with kills.

8. Report them

Remember they're not the only ones with a report. You have one too, so make sure to use it. I never play Dota 2 with my reports all used up because you never know when you will need them. Make several steam accounts to make sure you have reports available at all times.

9. Commend the enemy team for killing a specific target

Morale is a very important thing, and I have managed to raised enemy morale by telling them I will commend them if they kill the jerk on my team. I like to commend them for "teaching" because they taught that *** a lesson.

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